Cherie Lindberg


April 5 - April 7, 2024

Time 9:00 am - 5:30 pm   Trainer Cherie Lindberg   Location Online via Zoom


Seminar Overview

Mindful Co-regulation in Relationships is an approach aimed at assisting individuals in cultivating the necessary skills for nurturing profound and meaningful long-term connection in their relationships. The approach centers around conscious, intentional engagement and encompasses four therapeutic steps, represented by the acronym CRAM: Comprehend your history, Reorganize your brain/body, Accelerate your healing, and Mastering shifts. To navigate through these steps, the approach incorporates the practices of Focused Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Imago Relationship Dialogue, and Parts work.

The training recognizes that as human beings, we are constantly engaged in relationships, which can provide both comfort and trauma. How we manage our automatic reactions and respond with wisdom directly impacts the level of connection we experience with others. The training aims to teach participants how to establish intentional connections and synchronize their neurobiology within their relationships. Mindful Co-regulation in Relationships is a theoretical framework that can be applied to any type of relationship. However, it is recommended for participants to have prior knowledge in Focused Mindfulness and Parts work, as these skills will be further developed throughout the training. An introductory video will be provided to participants two weeks before the training to support their preparation.

The training consists of three days and incorporates lectures, demonstrations, and practicum/triads, where participants will practice holding space for relationships. The goal is to cultivate an open, creative, and flowing healing process.

The four steps of Mindful Co-Regulation in Relationships are not strictly linear but can be seen as a spiral of layers that are revisited and expanded upon. Participants can be at different stages of the process and move back and forth as they gain more self-mastery in shifting physiological states and move out of dysregulation into regulation within their relationships. Here is a breakdown of each step:

Step one: Comprehend Your History: Participants gain an understanding of the impact of their development and generational attachment patterns, and how these patterns show up in their relationships. They learn to manage physiological states and triggers, exploring the stories they tell themselves and the meaning they assign to their past experiences.

Step two: Reorganize Your Brain/Body: Participants develop self-awareness of triggers and reactive patterns. For individuals with more severe developmental trauma histories, Parts work may be utilized in this step as well. Focused mindfulness practices help repair, reorganize, and rewire their brains and bodies to create a new, coherent narrative in the present.

Step three: Accelerate Your Healing: This step combines safe conversation skill building, focused mindfulness practices, and Parts work to facilitate a natural process of grieving and letting go.

Step four: Mastering Shifts in physiology: Integration of all prior work and skill building takes place in this step. Participants learn to achieve self-mastery, letting go of old stories, living with intention, and effectively navigating triggers to maintain conscious connection in the present, while observing being triggered inside themselves.

It is important to note that these steps are not strictly sequential but rather interconnected layers that participants continually revisit until they release what has been holding them back, opening up new possibilities in their relationships. Participants can be at any stage and move between them as they gain more self-mastery.


1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the four therapeutic steps (CRAM) within the Mindful Co-regulation in Relationships approach: Therapists will develop a deep understanding of the Comprehend your history, Reorganize your brain/body, Accelerate your healing, and Master shifts steps. They will recognize how these steps contribute to nurturing profound and meaningful long-term connections for their clients.

2. Apply Focused Mindfulness, Attachment Theory principles, Imago Relationship Dialogue skills, and Parts work in therapeutic practice: Therapists will learn to effectively incorporate Focused Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Imago Relationship Dialogue, and Parts work into their therapeutic approach. They will acquire practical skills and techniques to support their clients in utilizing these approaches within their relationships.

3. Enhance clients' self-awareness and emotional regulation: Therapists will guide their clients in developing a deeper understanding of their generational attachment patterns and how these patterns impact their relationships. They will teach strategies to manage physiological states and triggers, empowering clients to respond with wisdom and intention rather than reactivity .

4. Develop and cultivate skills for facilitating conscious and intentional connection in clients: Therapists will equip themselves with the necessary skills to help clients establish intentional connections and synchronize their neurobiology within their relationships.


Registration begins at 8:30 am on the first day.
Training runs from 9 am - 5:30pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME each day.

Cherie Lindberg

Cherie Lindberg

Brainspotting Trainer & Consultant, Ph.D, LPC, NCC

I am a seasoned transformational coach, speaker, advisor, psychotherapist with a completed doctorate. I am dedicated to guiding those that mentor others, leaders, and high performers in embracing their life's purpose. With a focus on personal flourishing, I help individuals highlight their unique abilities and contribute positively to the world. I am committed to educating and mentoring fellow coaches, therapists, and healers in empowering them to excel in their fields and unlock their clients' fullest potential.

In addition to my practical expertise, I am a Brainspotting Trainer and Consultant, and specialize in integrating Brainspotting and IFS coaching techniques into my diversity of healing approaches. My mission is to continue uplifting and empowering those I work with, fostering a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of individuals, communities, and beyond.

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