Cherie Lindberg

Cherie Lindberg Consultation Financial Agreement

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  • Business Consulting Services (Ind. Session) - 1 hour - $175/each
  • Coaching Services (Ind. Session) - 1 hour - $175/each
  • Brainspotting Certification Services (Ind. Session) - 1 hour - $175.00/each
  • Group Consultation Services - 1.5 hours - $65/person (Group consultation is not for BSP certification)
  • Deep Dive & Thrive Two-Day Brainspotting Processing Group - 9am-5:30pm - $375/person

I understand and agree to the following:

  • Clients having one on one appointments will be charged $100.00 if an appointment is not attended.

My signature verifies that I understand agree to pay for charges incurred. I have read this information above. By signing this document I am certifying that I understand and agree to follow the policies listed above.

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